Dough Girls Doughnuts

Frequently asked questions

While they are perfectly edible, we really don’t recommend it - they just won’t be at their best. They are best eaten within a couple of hours of purchase (if you can keep your hands off them for that long!)


Even though we make every doughnut fresh every single morning, none of our products contain any sort of preservative. While this is fantastic for making sure we’re serving you the very best - it’s not so great for keeping more than a day. The dough dries out and the glaze begins to crumble off or get very sticky. If there is a fresh filling (cream, custard, mousse, etc) - it will most likely expire.


While you’re spending good money on buying the very best doughnuts, make sure you order them for the same day you’re going to serve them to really enjoy them as they should be.

While we agree it’s a super nice gesture, we have tried this in the past and often it doesn’t work out for either party. Even though we have advised people to make sure the recipient will be home to receive it, there have been problems with getting them delivered. If you really really want to treat a friend - please make sure they are aware that they will receive a delivery at a specific time and add their phone number to the order in case our delivery driver needs to get in touch with them. Sadly, we can’t take responsibility for undeliverable orders if the recipient isn’t home. We can rearrange delivery later on the same day - but it will cost you.


How about sending a gift voucher instead? You can order it by email and we can put it in a nice envelope. Choose to have it posted or collect it yourself. Then it arrives as it should and will make it more convenient for the recipient to enjoy our doughnuts at a time when it suits them the most.

We are a small, independent family business that hand makes EVERY single product on the menu from raw ingredients. Our bakers come in at midnight to knead, roll, cut, prove, and fry each doughnut. They are then glazed and finished individually by hand too. Every filling (jam, compote, curd, custard, mousse, cream), topping (biscuit, drizzle, sauce, whipped cream, caramel, meringue, etc) and every glaze is made by us too. That’s a lot of labour costs right there. It takes a minimum of two bakers (three or four on busy days), and several hours to make a shop full of doughnuts.

Our staff are paid above industry average - we think this is important to acknowledge the long days on their feet and the work they do.

Our packaging is completely recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. It also costs about 3 times the price of regular non-sustainable packaging. If we didn’t care so much about the environment, we’d just buy the cheaper stuff and make more profits. But that’s not who we are. We acknowledge our impact on the environment and take the responsibility to minimise this by choosing sustainable practices.

Finally and most importantly. We use really good quality ingredients. About 60-90% of the ingredients we use are organic (we have been awarded Silver status by Fødeværestyrelsen). The remaining portion is not organic either because we just can’t get that particular ingredient as an organic version or the quality/flavour just isn’t as good as an organic version. We careful scrutinise EVERY ingredient we order to make sure it’s not full of crap. If it contains unnecessary junk, we won’t use it. We’re pretty stubborn that way. 

Great food is made with great ingredients (among other things like great, skilled staff). Great ingredients cost much more than crappy ingredients. You get what you pay for.

Good question. But what is “enough”? No two days are the same, and no two weeks are the same. We are very conscious of how much perfectly good food gets wasted so we make sure to keep our production tight.

That’s why, to avoid disappointment, we always encourage you to preorder - let us know in advance what you’re coming for - and that way we ensure we have exactly what you’d like. 

Help us by preordering and we’ll make sure to have those delicious doughnuts you’re coming in for!

It’s the law. From January 1st 2021, all business are required to charge customers for carry bags. They’ve done this to force customers to adopt a more environmental approach and bring their own in a “get ‘em where it hurts” campaign. Don’t want to pay? No problem at all! Then make sure to think ahead and bring your own bag or carry the box in your hand (and please don’t give us a hard time when we say it will cost you - take it up with the government).

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually three sisters in the shop at different times - not one person that always seems to be there. We’ve been told we look and sound alike, but we are in fact three separate people… So when one of us answers the phone, serves you at the counter, or has a meeting with you - it’s not always the same person (even if the accent is the same) 😆

Nutrition & ingredient information

Our doughnuts don’t contain any preservatives, flavour enhancers, or artificial colours & flavourings.

All sweet doughnuts are vegetarian as a minimum and are gently fried in pure rapeseed oil (rapsolie). If something is coloured, we have used a completely natural vegetable powder (beetroot powder for red, spirulina/seaweed powder for green, turmeric or saffron for yellow, etc.)

Our vegan doughnuts are made with plant-based alternative ingredients and are suitable for vegans and dairy/lactose/egg intolerance (however even though we are careful to keep these separate they are prepared in the same kitchen as everything else so they may contain traces of dairy, egg, or lactose)

Each month we make one gluten-free option (cake, biscuit, slice, etc). We don’t have any gluten free yeasted doughnuts right now - sorry! (but we’re working on it)


While we use completely gluten-free ingredients for those options, they are still prepared in the same kitchen as all the other products that do contain gluten. Wheat flour is used extensively in all our other products, so there is a small chance that the gluten-free options may contain traces of gluten. 


If you have severe allergy to gluten, sadly we can’t guarantee there are no traces and we don’t recommend you eat our products. 

We can, however, highly recommend our friends at H-U-G Bageri who are 100% gluten free.

The only product that contains e-120 is the sprinkles on top of the Party ring. Although almost all the colours are vegetable based, the red colouring is from carmine (a type of beetle shell). They don’t contain shellac (e-904) or gelatine. We have made a conscious decision to use this brand of sprinkles because they are naturally coloured and contain far less e-numbers than the rest. 


We are currently unable to source colourful vegan sprinkles, like the non-vegan ones we currently use, in the amounts we need while remaining cost effective - although we are constantly on the look out for vegan friendly options when they become available.


We do have a small amount of pastel coloured jimmies (long sprinkles) or chocolate vermicelli sprinkles that are are suitable for vegetarians/vegans. You are very welcome to pre-order (at least one day before) the Party ring made especially vegan (dough, glaze & sprinkles) with these if you prefer. Unfortunately our everyday cocoa dough we use for the Chocolate fudge is not vegan so while the sprinkles and the glaze can be vegan, the dough would not be.

Generally, we don’t use any gelatine in our doughnuts. If we do, these are CLEARLY marked on the individual menu card and we will use halal-grade beef gelatine. Our house-made marshmallow (an optional extra for hot chocolate) contains halal-grade beef gelatine and are kept separately in a sealed jar.

Generally we don’t use alcohol in our doughnuts (dough, fillings, glazes, etc) unless explicitly marked on the individual menu card. 

Only our raw cruller dough contains a very small (tiny!) amount of alcohol however this is completely burned away during the cooking/frying process.

Generally, no, however there is soy lecithin in some of the chocolate we use. While we don’t use any other soy-based products at all, there are small amounts of this soy-based emulsifier in almost all of the commercially available chocolate on the market.


Soy lecithin is an emulsifier added to chocolate to help bind the cocoa solids, sugar and milk so they stick to the cocoa butter. This improves the viscosity (“flowability”) of the chocolate when it is melted.


Overall, if the doughnut flavour in question doesn’t contain any chocolate, then it is completely without any soy products at all.

Please be aware that although we take care, there may be traces of allergens since we prepare everything in the same kitchen. If you need further clarification, please contact for more information.

Sustainability commitments

A big part of the choices we make here at Dough Girls involves the environment and sustainability.
We believe every business has a responsibility for the waste it generates. 

So how do we do our part?

  • We send our food waste and used oil to be recycled into biofuel
  • We get our packaging from specialist eco suppliers so that it is either recyclable or compostable and is made without toxic inks or bleach
  • We recycle as much plastic, metal, paper and cardboard as we can
  • Our ingredients and products are better quality, mostly from small producers who follow organic practices
  • We encourage our customers to recycle or compost their empty packaging as well as bring their own reusable cups
  • We only offer paper receipts or invoices if you really need them
  • We try to use fruits and vegetables in season and from local organic farms when possible. We preserve our own throughout the year to use when we need them.
  • Orders within Copenhagen are delivered by bike or electric car
  • Our production is carefully planned to minimise food wastage at the end of the day so sometimes this means we are sold out early
  • We support local businesses and support the community when we can

This isn’t always the easiest path (or sometimes even the one our accountant would approve of!) but we feel it’s the right thing to do for our customers and the environment. We think you’re worth it.