Dough Girls Doughnuts

We dough it differently

Terms of sale

Terms & conditions for online & pre-orders

Pre-orders must be made by at least 18.00 the day before. Same-day orders only apply to doughnuts from our regular menu and are while stocks last. These orders can be collected in store after 15 minutes (or at what ever time you chose during ordering).

Only flavours listed on our website are available to order from our online ordering platform. Variations/customisations MUST be requested by email or phone BEFORE ordering online. These can attract a different price depending on the variation, so your order may not be honoured if you purchase (& request customisations in the comments) without our prior confirmation. In this case your order may be rejected and refunded depending on the situation.

Packaging & transport:

Without further instructions, all orders will be packed in our standard configuration and packaging (boxes). We HIGHLY recommend letting us know if you will need it packed especially for your chosen mode of transporting them (i.e. by bike, etc.). These are fragile baked goods and must be kept flat and steady during transport. We recommend transporting them by car if possible. The doughnuts will be handed to you in perfect condition and we will not take responsibility if they are damaged during the trip home with you. If you require a carry bag please remember to bring one yourself from home otherwise we encourage you to purchase one or more during the checkout process when ordering. That way we can pack your order appropriately.

We reserve the right to charge you for additional carry bags if you request it upon pickup or haven’t pre-purchased the correct amount to pack your entire order.

Our doughnuts are made fresh every morning and need to be eaten the day they were made. Our doughnuts do not contain any preservatives or dough conditioners so they won’t stay fresh beyond a day. While still perfectly edible, we don’t recommend buying them to eat another day.

Store collection:

Pick up orders need to be collected at the location & time chosen in the order form. If you are running later than 30 minutes, we would appreciate a quick phone call on 31502345 to inform us of your new collection time. We can’t assure your order will still be available if we aren’t notified or you can’t be reached by phone.


If you have chosen delivery, please make sure that we can contact you at the phone number you provided during the agreed delivery window. On rare occasions your order may arrive a little later than planned (traffic congestion, etc.) – in that case we will let you know by phone of our delay and with an updated estimated arrival time.

Uncollected/undeliverable orders:

If you aren’t home/at the delivery location at the agreed time of delivery or if we can’t reach you to make alternative arrangements, our driver will bring the doughnuts back to the Dough Girls shop and we will contact you by phone. If you wish for them to be redelivered a 2nd time you will be asked to pay a second delivery charge plus a 10% service change (of the doughnut order total) immediately by MobilePay.

Orders that have not been picked up or were undeliverable (at no fault of Dough Girls) will be disposed of at the end of the day and are not available to be picked up on the next day. You will not receive any compensation or refund for uncollected or undeliverable orders.


Cancellations of doughnuts from our regular menu need to be done by email no later than 18.00 the evening before, in order to get a full refund.

Cancellations of orders of custom/special doughnuts (and that are not on the current menu) before 18.00 the previous day will only receive a 50% refund to cover the costs we incurred preparing your special order. Cancellations after 18:00 for pre-orders for the next day will forfeit the entire amount.